General parking conditions

  1. These Regulations govern the conditions and methods of use of the “Garage La Stazione” car park located in Via Luigi Alamanni n. 3/A Florence (FI).
  2. The Customer (hereinafter also referred to as the “Depositor”), upon entering the Garage, declares to have read and expressly approved these general terms and conditions, pursuant to Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code. civ., and the clauses contained herein, explicitly published on the Easy Parking Florence website, “Garage la Stazione” ( and also displayed through the information signs placed at the entrance to the garage.
  3. Once the Customer has entered the Garage, having examined the places where the vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.) are parked, as well as any other system and / or device installed in the complex and left his car in custody, formalizes in all respects the conclusion of a private contract with SKYWALKER s.r.l. manager for the parking or storage of your vehicle, for which the General Contract Conditions referred to in these Regulations apply, prepared as an offer to the public pursuant to art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code by the parking service manager itself. The Customer therefore undertakes to comply with the general conditions governing the parking service, listed in the following points.
  4. The subject of the contract is the “vehicle deposit only” at the Garage (hereinafter also referred to as “garage” or “parking”) with the express and absolute exclusion of any goods, personal effects, equipment, devices, left by the customer or otherwise present. inside the vehicle.

The Customer therefore exempts the Manager from the obligation of custody of money, goods, objects and appliances (eg car radio, satellite navigator, etc ..) inside the vehicle, as they are not part of the aforementioned contract.

The object of the service does not include the deposit and custody of objects left inside the car; therefore, there is no obligation of surveillance and custody of the same and no responsibility will be recognized for damage caused by third parties, theft, theft or break-ins.

Likewise, the Garage will not be liable for key rings to which the keys and / or remote opening devices of the vehicles and / or anti-theft devices are attached.

  1. The Contract will be considered concluded when the Customer has delivered the vehicle to the authorized staff of the Parking, collecting the relative receipt (also called receipt, coupon or parking ticket), which will constitute a means of recognition and legitimacy that exclusively enables the owner to collect the vehicle.
  2. The Client is responsible for keeping the parking receipt. Any consequences deriving from the loss of the aforementioned coupon by the Customer will be borne by the same. The person other than the Depositor who will exhibit it, must be deemed to be responsible, by the Depositor himself, to collect the vehicle.

In case of loss or impossibility to show the receipt proving the deposit of the car at the Garage, the staff can deliver the car only and exclusively after viewing the documentation certifying the ownership of the vehicle and / or copy of the report to the Forces of the Order.

In any case, any delay caused by failure to collect the vehicle within the pre-established and agreed times, due to the loss of the receipt, will be charged to the Customer.

  1. The Customer is required to keep and show the parking reservation and online payment in case of request.
  2. The maximum height allowed for all vehicles inside the Garage is set at 2.20 meters from the ground. Garage La Stazione reserves the right to act against the Customer or in any case the customer who, by failing to comply with this imposition, which is also clearly indicated at the entrance to the access ramp, causes damage to the structure and to the things located inside the Garage itself. assumes no responsibility for any damage to the vehicle if this is greater than the permitted height from the ground.
  3. Upon arrival, the Customer is required to follow the instructions of the staff, turn off the engine and leave the keys inside the vehicle. Closed vehicles, or without keys or blocked for any reason that are parked in such a way as to prevent the regular performance of the activity, will be removed at the expense of the Customer (eg by tow truck) which cannot in any case be less than € 100.00.
  4. With reference to the Public Safety and Fire Prevention regulations, all vehicles must be left open and with the keys available. Vehicles closed, or without keys, or blocked for any reason and / or by satellite alarms and / or codes, steering locks, which require prompt and urgent intervention in order to be moved because they block access and exit of the garage, will be removed at the Customer’s expense (eg tow truck or mechanic intervention) which cannot in any case be less than € 100.00.
  5. For security reasons, the loading / unloading of luggage, and the waiting area for the return of the vehicle are regulated by our staff; the Customer undertakes to respect the information received.
  6. Upon arrival, the customer is required to inform the staff of any violations to the city ZTL area necessary to reach the La Stazione Garage, the staff will immediately carry out the necessary paperwork.
  7. The Garage invites the Customer at the time of disembarking from the vehicle to notify our staff of any dents, scratches or similar, visible or partially such, on the bodywork, rims / wheels, accessories or components.
  8. The Garage is not liable for any damage to vehicles if, upon arrival, the Customer has not made the personnel in charge ascertain the actual state and integrity of his vehicle referred to in point 13.
  9. The Garage is liable for damage caused by its staff, to the vehicle, only if the damage has been reported before leaving the parking lot. Any complaints or requests for compensation must therefore be reported to the staff in charge of garage surveillance before leaving the car under penalty of forfeiture of and any claim or request. At the end of the parking, once the Customer has left the Garage with his vehicle without having contested the lack of keys, any damage or complaints for specific occurrences, the Garage Management is relieved of any other responsibility, nor will it be liable for any type of charge.
  10. The Garage is exonerated and in any case declines any and all liability for damage to vehicles caused by other customers during entry and / or exit from the car park, from meteorological events of higher than average intensity, from floods, from events seismic and / or vandalism perpetrated by a plurality of subjects.
  11. For long stays, the vehicles may be transferred, deposited and stored by the Manager at other HUBs owned by us, only to be returned for delivery to the Customer on the date and time requested by the Customer.
  12. Should it be necessary for the Customer to access their vehicle during parking to collect objects, baggage or anything else present in the car left in storage, the same will be regulated by our staff upon presentation of the ticket and request at the desk.
  13. The hours of the garage are well displayed and also present online; however, the Customer remains obliged to inquire about the opening and closing times. During the closing time of the garage, vehicles are not delivered or accepted.
  14. The customer is required to comply with the Highway Code in force. Inside the Garage, circulation must be carried out exclusively at walking pace. In particular, it is forbidden to: smoke, light and use open fires or lights, unload and store objects of any kind and above all flammable objects, even if they are part of the load, refuel, carry out repairs and / or maintenance of any kind, load and unload the vehicle, leave the engine running longer than strictly necessary or sound the horn, park vehicles with leaking liquids (fuel, oil, coolant).
  15. The Garage staff is available to the Customer but is also responsible for the custody and handling of the vehicles, therefore, they will try to meet the expectations and requests of each customer in the possible times and ways.
  16. The Manager informs the Customer that some areas of the car park, for reasons of public order as well as for the protection of company assets, and for the safety of the cars, are controlled through a video surveillance system, the presence of which is highlighted by special signs. all in compliance with the Legislative Decree June 30, 2003, n. 196 (Code regarding the protection of personal data).
  17. The Garage invites its Customers to evaluate before publishing reviews on the internet that do not correspond to the truth, in case of disputes, dialogue and comparison; in the event that this does not happen, nor can it be demonstrable, the Garage La Stazione reserves the right to protect its name and its business with the competent Authorities.
  18. The customer, having taken note of the information pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of Regulation 2016/679 / EU, allows the processing, dissemination and communication of personal data concerning him or the contracting company he represents, within the limits of the information, declaring to be aware of the rights recognized by the aforementioned article.
  19. In case of non-acceptance of the General Contract Conditions of these Regulations, it is allowed to leave the car park without payment, provided that this occurs within the tolerance limit of 10 minutes.
  20. The Garage reserves the right to modify these regulations and undertakes to communicate any changes, additions or modifications to the Customer in every possible and expected form as quickly as possible.